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Sorry, the page you are trying to visit is out of date and no longer supported. Please click here to be directed to our new and improved candidate help center.

How to use a mobile device to take the interview

To use your mobile device to take your interview, install the HireVue for Candidates app on your mobile device. We support most Android (version 5.0, or higher) and Apple (version 10, or higher) devices with a front facing camera. 

For Apple devices, go to the App Store; for Android devices, go to the Google Play Store. If you are located in China, download from a local app store here.

Apple device: App storeAndroid device: Google Play store

Search for HireVue. You may find several options, download the app called HireVue for Candidates with this icon:

User-added image

Once you have installed the HireVue for Candidates app, open your email invitation on that device and tap on the Practice or Interview link. The HireVue for Candidates app should open and automatically populate your interview code.

User-added image

Then you will be taken through the interview setup process. We will provide interviewing tips, test your equipment, and give you the option to answer practice questions or start the interview.

For more information on how to practice your interview, read Practice the interview on your mobile device

When answering questions, you will have the following options:

  • Read the question text again by clicking the script button. Click the arrow button to hide the question text.
User-added image
  • Hide your video image by clicking the camera button with a slash. Click the camera button again to show your image.
 User-added image
  • Start recording the question by clicking the red circle button.
User-added image
  • Stop recording the question by clicking the red square button.
User-added image

Once your interview is completed, your recruiter will be notified. From there, the company you interviewed for will reach out to you with the next steps.